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Mohamed Nazar is an Iraqi-American veteran who currently works as a freelance filmmaker. He has been accepted into several film festivals and is in the process of directing an upcoming feature length film “of Eden” that explores marginalized and artistic expressions revolving around the war in Iraq and its effects on the locals. Once entering the collegiate world Mohamed began using his voice through film and video on both a national and international level. This can be seen in his editing work on “El Stories: Art on Track,” which was up for best short documentary at the London International Film Festival and “Walk of Shame,” which out of over 900 submissions was one of 43 that were accepted into Collected Voices, Chicago’s Ethnographic Film Fest.

Serving on active duty and doing two tours in Afghanistan, he learned that some of the most powerful stories are the ones that never get heard. His time in service enhanced his ability to work hard, tell a unique story, and connect with people from all walks of life. He has a strong sense of attention to detail and is very much deadline oriented. As head of video content for Womensforum, he directed and edited 12 branded campaign videos as well as produced, shot, and edited a daily entertainment and news segment that helped increase the website’s visitation plus increase its social media following and engagement.


Previous Clients


  • PetSmart®

    Directed, edited, and color corrected 3 branded videos for PetSmart®- Little Creatures, Big Lessons Campaign©

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  • Johnsonville® Sausage

    Edited and color corrected 3 social media videos for Johnsonville® Sausage.

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  • Fiber One®

    Directed 6, edited and colored 3 branded videos for Fiber One®- Fiber alternatives campaign.

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  • thinkThin®

    Edited and color graded a piece for the thinkThin® Sunrise Yoga Campaign.

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  • Culturelle® Probiotics

    Directed, edited, and color corrected 3 branded videos for Culturelle®- Healthy Habits Campaign.

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